The most important international specialized Trade Show for "Ideas - Inventions - New Products"

Complete booths for your presentation

Your trade fair participation in good hands... Take advantage of the competence of the AFAG since we make planning your trade fair appearance easy. We advise you and keep you informed about all of our complete stand offers.

State rental package of BASIC: State rent € 265.00/m ² = Early bird

Early bird until 8-10-2018!

Stand rental: from € 265.00 per sqm of exhibition space, minimum stand space 4 sqm (e.g. 4 sqm in-line stand Model Basic € 1.060.-)

Minimum stand space for inventions: 4 m², minimum stand depth: 2 m.

  • In-line stand (1 side open): € 265.00 per per sqm
  • Corner stand (2 sides open): € 315.00 per sqm
  • Head stand (3 sides open): € 315.00 per sqm
  • Block stand (4 sides open): € 315.00 per sqm

Included in the stand rental are:

  • Shell scheme (white boards)
  • Height 2.50 m with 30 cm screen
  • 1 display or demonstration table (white) 70 cm x 70 cm
  • 1 chair
  • Wall to wall carpet
  • Uniform fascia board with a short description of the invention in German and English.

The exhibition stand is completely ready for occupation!

Please see >> registration document for details on the complete stand or at a price for later booking (from 8-11-2018).



State rental package of COMFORT: Stand rental fee € 330.00 per sqm = Early Bird

Early bird until 8-10-2018!

Minimum stand size from 12 sqm, minimum stand depth 2 m

Complete stand with fittings, from 4 sqm

  • In-line stand (1 side open): € 330.00 per sqm
  • Corner stand (2 sides open): € 395.00 per sqm
  • Head stand (3 sides open): € 395.00 per sqm
  • Block stand (4 sides open): € 395.00 per sqm

The stand rent includes:

Same as Model BASIC, but with additional

  • Lockable cabin, 1 x 2 m with door
  • Table 70 x 70 cm with 3 upholstered stools
  • 1 metre long counters, both 50 x 100 x 100 cm, lockable
  • 1 brochure rack, 75 cm wide, 125 cm high
  • A three dimensional framework fitted on the stand screen can be used as a stand for other screens and extra lighting
  • 1.230 V/16 A power supply connection with sockets, 3 KW including consumption
  • 3 lights á 150 W/spots

The exhibition stand is ready for use!

Please see >> registration documentfileadmin/iena/2018/pdf/18IE_Application.pdf for details on the complete stand or at a price for later booking (from 8-12-2017).

Wall space: € 390,- per invention = Early bird

Early bird until 8-11-2017!

Rental of a wall area (height 100 cm, width 100 cm) to exhibit plans, drawings, descriptions, etc. is possible.

Participation is also possible even when the exhibitor can not be personally present at the trade fair. The exhibition items will be unpacked, assembled, cleaned, repacked and handed back to the forwarding agents for return, if the exhibiting person does not want to untertake this work. 

See >> registration document for details.

Catalogue - Compulsory entry

The entry in the catalogue comprises the name and full address of the exhibitor as well as an exact designation of the invention/new product in German and English. This entry appears in the alphabetical exhibitors’ list and in the alphabetical index of product groups as well.  

  • These entries cost a total of € 40.00 for each invention.

Exhibitors are listed in the catalogue with full name and address in order to facilitate direct contact between inventors/exhibitors and interested parties, without having to apply via the exhibition management.

Online exhibitor list

In addition to the printed fair catalogue there will also be an online exhibitor list. We will only publish your company’s name or rather your name as well as your invention and the sectors. The entry in the online exhibitor list is optionally and occurs only if you give us your consent.