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Innovation needs communication!

To distinguish and to hold one's ground with innovative problem solutions and new products from the other market players! But what good is the best invention if nobody knows about it? 

Participation in the fair offers you a successfully present your inventions, new products and ideas to an international and professional audience, because: qualified contacts will create successful business! Participation in the fair means sure success for you too and also media attention form all over the world. 

The iENA Nuremberg - International Trade Fair Ideas - Inventions - New Products - is the professional marketplace for ideas and inventions and the leading trade fair of contacts and excellent opportunities for inventors and representatives of trade and industry.

The world of invention is waiting excitedly for the start of this year's iENA, because it will be the event at which inventions from throughout the world will be presented to the public for the very first time; the inventions will be celebrating their world premiere at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre. It is an important forum for enabling free inventors to get in contact with licensees and exploiters from all over the world.

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Final press release: From idea to success - A positive outcome for the iENA international inventors’ fair

08. Nov 2018

Over four days of exhibition, the 2018 international trade fair “Ideas – Inventions – New Products” iENA Nuremberg once again demonstrated its...

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70 years of ideas, inventions and new products

The first inventions and new products exhibition took place in Nuremberg in 1948. Since then Nuremberg has established itself as the city of inventors and the iENA as the meeting point of international inventors.

Everyday life can no longer be imagined without numerous inventions which were shown for the first time at the iENA: From the first catalyst to the first push-button telephone and the Tipp-Ex correction pen and on to the wheelie suitcase and the insulating emergency blanket, many inventions began at the iENA. Numerous scientific developments for medicine and industry were also presented to the public for the first time in Nuremberg. The iENA’s new products are awaited every year with great excitement. At the 70th anniversary of the iENA, inventors from all over the world will be presenting approximately 800 inventions in Nuremberg.

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Valuable Inventions and Marketable Developments

Every year the highlight for the inventors is the award of the iENA medals. On Saturday, the most promising ideas, inventions and new products were honoured. During the first days of the fair a panel of experts carefully examines all of the 800 inventions. The inventions are then evaluated by a brain trust

Amount of medals given to Young Inventors in 2018

  • Bronze     38
  • Silver       94
  • Gold         54

Amount of medals given to Adult Inventors in 2018

  • Bronze     98
  • Silver       93
  • Gold         97

Exceptional prizes and Awards of honor



Picture album of the medal ceremony 2018



iENA Innovation congress 2018

Innovations count as the most important driving force for the long-term success of companies and thus as the driving force for tomorrow’s growth.

The innovation congress under the motto of “Successful through innovations – how to manage innovations” will be giving information about innovation management on Friday, 2 November. “Open innovation” will thus also be a theme: away from conservative idea generation and on to open and efficient innovation processes.

The innovation congress is taking place in addition of the iENA, and is supported by the Nuremberg Chamber of Commerce and Industry user club “Product and innovation management”.

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iENA - International meeting point for the inventor scene

Inventors’ associations and collectives from all around the world meet at the iENA in Nuremberg to present their innovations, to network and to make contact with partners and investors.

The partner of the 2018 iENA is Iran, which will be represented in Nuremberg by numerous inventions. The Iranian inventors’ association has already introduced itself with many inventive ideas at the iENA in the past few years. Great potential can be seen particularly in the young inventors, who come to the trade fair in Nuremberg as part of a university participation. The Iranian inventors regularly present very promising innovations, for example from the medicine section.

Youth Researches – Youth Invents

The young inventors always play a big role at the iENA. Students from countries as Austria, China, Germany, Kroatia and Taiwan show an enormously high innovation potential and inspire visitors and representatives of the economy.

Young engineers shape the future

The Association of German Engineers (VDI) shows at the iENA how technology will shape the world of tomorrow. The VDI booth serves as a meeting point and offers the opportunity of networking with experienced engineers, inventors and young experimenters. The VDI presents opportunities for study and career to those interested in technology. In addition to this, members of the VDI future pilots – VDI’s youth club – present exciting ideas and projects. The VDI is the largest engineering association in Germany.

Ideas and inspiration in the iENA programme

The iENA symposium on Saturday, November 3, 2018, will ask what students need to be fit for the digital future.  The VDI (Association of German Engineers) presented together with Jugend forscht the national and federal winners of youth research "Jugend forscht" in the technical field and also the iENA inventors are allowed on the stage to personally present their inventions to the professional audience.



"Hack & Make" 

For 2018 the iENA has made it its task to further promote idea potential and the spirit of invention in various fields. The “Maker Scene” is thus also being given the appropriate framework on 3 and 4 November at the trade fair, and will find tips here on do-it-yourself and making improvements as well as ideas and suggestions for technology enthusiasts.

The “Hack & Make” is a format of Nuremberg’s FabLab, which is directed towards a broad public: technology and computer freaks, visitors with previous knowledge in the maker scene as well as interested students and adults who want to know what is behind the technical appliances – all are in just the right place at the “Hack & Make”.

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Next iENA: October 31 to November 3, 2019


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