iENA Novelty show 2019

Below we present a "nano" cross-section of the more than 800 "Ideas - Inventions - New Products" from 29 countries at this year's international trade fair iENA 2019.

The following inventions from Germany and Austria were presented to media representatives at the "Novelties Presentation" after the iENA 2019 press conference in Nuremberg on October 11.

Printable images of these innovations can be found here.

Let us inspire you!

"Frankens kreativster Kopf 2019" is from the district of Fürth

Klaus Scherer, Seukendorf, winner of the iENA competition "Frankens kreativster Kopf 2019"

With his invention, a wooden thermos flask, Klaus Scherer has convinced the expert jury of the iENA Inventors' Competition and can call himself "most creative Franconian 2019".

The jug was made of local spruce and thus corresponds to the trend "away from plastic". The upper rim and the handle are made of Franconian sycamore maple. Inside the jug is a glass insert with rubber seal. The bottom is provided with a hornbeam wood thread and can be unscrewed. The stopper is made of cork or food-compatible plastic.

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Water Vitaliser Kristall Stick + washing machine module Soft clean

Johann Doppelhofer, Wegscheid - Austria

greennatur, Georg Rothaichner, Schönau am Königssee

The water revitaliser crystal stick gives tap water the original freshness of natural springs. It can be used wherever humans, animals and plants long for high-quality, living water.

The washing machine module Soft clean made of solid brass is filled by hand with a precisely composed combination of precious and many other different mineral stones. By swirling the water and thanks to its surface tension, it begins to oscillate. The resulting oscillation - comparable to an ultrasonic oscillation - thus dissolves the dirt and ensures purity. Hardly any detergent is needed.

Tandem Acoustics®sound management

Joshua Lüderitz, MaxQ Holzmarketing GmbH, Lahr

Steinbeis Transfer Center Infothek

Creating privacy in the smallest of spaces; thanks to Tandem Acoustic®, it is possible to work in a concentrated manner, even in open-plan offices. The Tandem Acoustic® sound management creates a feel-good atmosphere that motivates employees, encourages creative ideas and promotes team spirit. The micro-perforated surfaces conceal the sound absorption invisibly behind the optics.

Further advantages:

  • 40% less CO2 emissions in the manufacturing process compared to conventional methods!
  • Made from local forests FSC®cert!
  • organic dyes, life-long colourfast
  • 100% recyclable!

Soap in sponge

Tierry Kmitta, splash fresh, Karina Türpe, Dresden

Steinbeis Transfer Center Infothek

...the new shower experience splash fresh, the soap in the sponge

  • are available in different shapes, colours and fragrances
  • is 100% vegan
  • has a cleansing creamy foam that stabilises the skin's moisture balance and nourishes it

3D-Memory - A game for all people

Noel Mang, 13 years, Aalen

Artur Fischer Inventor Award    

The parts of the 3D-Memory are light and washable. The bevelled sides and the separate handle make it easy to grip the parts. Due to the motifs and their game variations the 3D-Memory is perfectly suitable for the educational sector (e.g. seniors, blind or children) and all other people.

Cost-effective early forest fire diagnostics

David Kern, 18 years, Reutlingen

Artur Fischer Inventor Award

The "Swarm Cubes" project offers cost-effective early forest fire diagnostics and also a possible component of future smart cities. Here, cubes, autonomous small devices, form a radio frequency-based mesh-like network that transmits information. Using an adaptive algorithm, the cubes provide a regenerative and energy-efficient network.

Multifunctional tool KLAPP

Jeremy Mrzyglocki, 17 years, Stuttgart

Artur Fischer Erinfer Prize

Compass, ruler, protractor, protractor, puncher, lead container: The "KLAPP" combines six tools and more than ten functions. The compact combination for school, office and craft saves space and weight and offers more functions than each of the tools alone.

Oscillating membrane filtration

Edmund Erath, Gaggenau

Artur Fischer Inventor Award

The oscillating membrane filter technology for precise recovery of recyclables. Compared with conventional "cross-flow filter technology", this innovation shows the following advantages:
no fouling, no deposit formation, always constant separation efficiency, a much higher concentration of the retentate, with a 2nd stage pressing to pellets is possible.

2-phase cleaner for windscreen wipers

Manfred Prinz, Bailiff

Arthur Fischer Inventor Award

The wiper blade profile cleaner "KlareSicht-Doc" removes stubborn dirt from wipers and maintains the material. The 2-phase cleaner ensures a clear and streak-free view. It is small, compact and effective.

KiBaNoK - Baby emergency case for children

Nicole Lehmann, (left), Jutta Lehmann, (right)

ERiNET Research Institute for Inventor Promotion, Innovations and Metzwerkmanagement

First aid materials in baby and child sizes. Fast and safe supply in case of emergency, with first aid & short instructions, refilling via refill service, good overview due to fixed sorting and the case is food safe.

Safety hair dryer

Jörg Harz, electrical engineering master, Camburg

ERiNET Research Institute for Inventor Promotion, Innovations and Metzwerkmanagement

The utility models (e.g. for hair dryer, aquarium and charging tray of the electric toothbrush) that Jörg Harz will present at the iENA 2019 contain design proposals that automatically switch off the voltage of the equipment in the event of glass breakage, defect or water contact, thus preventing electrical current from flowing through the human body. 

Sensor padding

Lars Blüthgen, (left) Institute for Wood Technology Dresden gGmbH, Dresden
Dr. Michael Kuhne (middle) and Alexander Ulanov (right), Materials Research and Testing Institute at the Bauhaus University Weimar, Weimar

ERiNET Research Institute for Inventor Promotion, Innovations and Metzwerkmanagement

Sensor padding - Flat system with emergency call function for integration into furniture constructions. Pad-like vitality monitoring system based on textile-integrated fibre-optic sensor technology with simultaneous motion and moisture detection. 


Iris-S. Long-city dweller, Bremen


freibeik® is a world novelty! The freibeik® joint allows a controlled free hip movement in every direction for an easy round movement sequence when cycling. It fits under any standard saddle and on any standard bicycle frame. For a completely new carefree riding experience.

FÜKUS - Remote controlled monitoring sweeper and spreader

Eric Schuh, 11 years (right), Felix Küppers, 11 years (left)

Maristengymnasium Fürstenzell

The FÜKUS is a remote-controlled sweeping and spreading device, which can be used to keep driveways and sidewalks in front of apartments or houses free of snow and ice. With the help of its video cameras, which are necessary for operation, it can also be used to monitor house and yard. This makes it possible to follow a suspicious noise at night without putting yourself in danger.

RELAXmsp - the only mobile 3D cushion

Martin Plößl, Wackersdorf

RELAXmsp is the only mobile 3-D pillow, rotatable 90°, thickness variable, differentiable height, which can be individually adjusted from head to lumbar area to the respective needs of the user or easily adjusted during use. The attachment is very easy and possible on almost all chairs, seats and couches. The small packing size allows RELAXmsp to be a constant companion for the user.

Modulex - Anti-mould technology

Tobias Obert, Ettenheim

The innovative anti-mould fan is simply and invisibly clamped between the rear wall of the cabinet and the wall behind the cabinet and only requires a standard household socket for operation. The constant air movement ensures that no moisture can collect behind the furniture, thus reducing the risk of mould growth. The energy consumption is very low and at 10 decibels the operation is hardly noticeable.

Corona Motor

Vladimir Urban, 18 years, Nuremberg

The electric motor consumes little electricity because it works with high voltage.