List of exhibitors and inventions 2023

Not all inventors were able to give us the permission for publication in this online directory for patent protection reasons. Thank you for your understanding.

However, you will find a complete list of the new products and the names of the inventors for the iENA in the EXHIBITION CATALOG, which can be ordered from the beginning of the trade fair.

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Company: Baden-Württemberg Stiftung gGmbH Stiftung Artur Fischer Erfinderpreis
Country: GERMANY
booth: A21

         No.    Invention / Inventor    

  • 6 Bathroom holder for every day - for people with disabilities/limitations, Noel Mang
  • 7    blind Sonar, Ferdinand Horn & Julian Schenker (blind Sonar)
  • 8    Detection and warning system for sirens, Maja Spanke
  • 9    Extension module for bark beetle traps, Joline u. Tom Broß, Hermann Heinzelmann
  • 10    Induction adhesive - faster bonding with induction, Maximilian Leicht, Jonathan Endler
  • 12    Learning pen: The intelligent elementary school aid, Linus Lutz
  • 13    Multi (-purpose) cap/lid, Andreas Männel
  • 14    Non-fogging glasses, Vincenz & Clemens Powolny
  • 15    Photoplethysmographic measurement method for monitoring the recording of breast milk, Dr.-Ing. Görkem Büyükyildiz, Britta Christiansen (Mamam sense (Pre-Seed Phase))
  • 16    2-wheeled loader, Jonas Heinzler
  • 17    3D printed medical implants, Ass.-Prof. Dr. Dirk Hellekes

Company: camertech sarl
Country: Kamerun
booth: F20

         No.    Invention / Inventor

  • 98     Automatic dicionnection of TV cable or TV antenna from TV set, Set Top Box or Set Top Box, Colbert Tchakoute
    99     Electronic device for domestic use designed for cooking zones to prevent the scorching of food or dishes or the creation of additional smoke in the cooking zone., Colbert Tchakoute,  Chouatat Dantse Rostand
    100   Electronic device for domestic use placed in the bathing area to avoid wasting water in case of absence of a person, Bogmis Veronique Josiane Carole, Nyoungou Dubien, Parfai Lavoisier,  Colbert Tchakoute
    101   Electronic device to detect children under 1 metre tall in cooking or risk areas, Colbert Tchakoute, Chouatat Dantse Rostand
    102   Intelligent device for automatic switch-off of cooking appliances in the event of prolonged absence of the user from the cooking zone Colbert Tchakoute, Chouatat Dantse Rostand

Company: Croatian Union of Inventors
booth: C13

         No.        Invention / Inventor

  • 185        Autojukebox  – a program for playing music at school, Daniel Luksic, Vito Rabar, Prof. Nikola Vujacic (Pula Gymnasium)
  • 186        Golden Bark  - vase with a story: 'Education against prejudice', associate professor Sven Maricic, Jasna Vekic (GDCK Pula), Mirej Barbic, Lorena Lazaric Stefanovic, Kristina Ivekovic (Juraj Dobrila University of Pula)
  • 188        EduGarden, Josip Lukesic, Andrej Penic (Smart Garden Systems)
  • 189        Tube Flow Turbulator  - TC -09, Stanko Bezek
  • 190        Tacticle pendants for visually impaired and blind people, Marko Maricevic, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Graphic Arts
  • 191        Fully electric passenger catamaran ProEco60, Beg Luciano (MARSERVIS Ltd.)

Company: Erfinderclub Nussknacker am Joseph-von-Fraunhofer-Gymnasium
Country: GERMANY
booth: C03

         No.   Invention / Inventor

  • 217    Banana peeler for (overripe) bananas, Emilio Weber
  • 218    Book holder for overhead reading, Felix Chen
  • 219    Rotating pedestal for garbage cans, Johannes Santl, Julian Santl
  • 220    Shopping cart seat for handicapped people, Simon Rackl
  • 221    Watering can attachment for the low-odor application of liquid manure in gardens, Xaver Weinfurtner
  • 223    Refillable sponge, Christian Schwarz
  • 224    Sliding hand rest for left-handed writing, Ferdinand Laußer

Company: Farma Friederiki
Country: GREECE
booth: D23

       No.   Invention / Inventor  

  • 234  Parallel twin bike AKZ 10 2022 004 930.9, L. Saikos

Company: Förderkreis Ingenieurstudium e.V. c/o Technische Fakultät
Country: GERMANY
booth: D06

         No.   Invention / Inventor 

  • 244    Schiller think tank, Schiller-Gymnasium Hof

Company: Inventors Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina 
booth: D26

       No.     Invention / Inventor

  • 256    Multi-Layer Parquet with Surface Coating for Indoor Use, Jovan Grahovac
  • 257    Mill for recycling of foam materials' wastes, Husnija Kapic
  • 258    System of independent multipurpose shelters for protection against earthquakes and other natural disasters with splinter-proof walls, Nermin Halilovic
  • 259    Submerged turbine for renewable energy, Sulejman Mandalovic
  • 260    Process of Obtaining Biomaterial from Organic Eggshell Waste, Maja Halilovic
  • 261    Tool for making wooden straws and the process of production, Filip Golome, Damjan Puljic

Company: Stiftung Jugend forscht e.V.
Country: GERMANY
booth: D04

         Nr.     Erfindung / Erfinder  

  • 279    Construction of a user recognition for keyboards, Lukas Heinrich
  • 280    The staircase robot from the 3-D printer, Benedikt Eberle
  • 281    The compostable disposable bag made of bioplastics, Seyma Celik, Anja Armstrong, Jennifer Boronowska

Company: Launix
booth: B13

        No.   Invention / Inventor 

  • 287    ERP/CRM tool kit, Carl-Philip Hänsch

Company: Levelmarker
Country: Germany
booth: C12a

        No.     Invention / Inventor

  • Levelmarker - Marker pen for spirit levels, Stefan Kolitsch

Company: Maristengymnasium
Country: Germany
booth: C01

       No.    Invention / Inventor 

  • 291    Anti overboil, Steinig Felix
  • 292    Autonomous indoor extinguishing system for e-cars, Barreto Samuel, Faymonville Martin
  • 293    Betterate iENA Edition - an app for competition ratings, Röder Lucas
  • 294    Bunker metering AI, Esterhazy Nepomuk, Esterhazy Paul
  • 295    Hand table tennis, Hanusch Anna
  • 297    Multi-functional folding table, Steinig Jakob

Company: National University Architecture and Construction of Armenia
Country: ARMENIA
booth: E25

      No.   Invention / Inventor   

  • 331    Method of pumping cement mortar, Vardges Grigoryan

Company: Ouelhadj, Mohamed Amine
Country: ALGERIA
booth: F26

        No.   Invention / Inventor

  • 332    Generator, Koucem Said
  • 333    Compression part, Khelfaoui Mohamed
  • 334    New electric generator, Ouelhadj Mohamed Amine

Company: Technische Universität Ilmenau PATON Landespatentzentrum Thüringen
Country: GERMANY
booth: B09      

          No.   Invention / Inventor  

  • 335    Configuration and method for the interference-free measurement of the pH value, Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Husar
  • 337    TenSens platform for the force measurement and localization, Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Lena Zentner, Dr.-Ing. Lukas Merker
  • 338    Method and configuration regarding spectrally separated learning algorithms in artificial neural networks, Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Husar
  • 339    Process and reactor configuration for the production of oxide or oxynitride layers, Dr.-Ing. Esmail Issa, Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Edda Rädlein
  • 340    Method and system for the application configuration for the stimulation on humans as well as the associated software, M. Sc. Alexander Hunold, Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Jens Haueisen, Dr. rer. nat. Uwe Graichen
  • 341    Method and system for the determination of the road parameters with a drone for a vehicle’s dynamics management, M.Sc. Viktar Beliautsou, Dr. Valantin Ivanov, M.Sc. Aleksandra Fedorova
  • 342    Method and device for the active stabilization of the refractive index, respectively of the air, in a closed measuring chamber, Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Thomas Fröhlich, Jun.-Prof. Thomas Kissinger, B.Sc. Maximilian Hoffmann, Univ.-Prof. Eberhard Manske
  • 343    Method to produce friction stir welding pins by deformation by means of a rolling process, Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Jean Pierre Bergmann, M.Sc. Michael Hasieber, M.Sc. Konstantin Szallies
  • 344    Process to produce drinking water from salt water, Prof. Dr. Peter Schaaf, Dr.-Ing. habil. Dong Wang, Dr.-Ing. Pengfei Cheng
  • 345    Device for the adjustment of the metrological characteristics of mechanisms for force measurement and weighing technology, Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Thomas Fröhlich, Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. René Theska, M. Sc. Maximilian Darnieder, M. Sc. Markus Pabst, Dr.-Ing. Falko Hilb

Company: SCHEBA GmbH
Country: GERMANY
booth: B10

          No.    Invention / Inventor

  • 350    Parquet and interior decoration made of used barrique barrels, Peter Scheuerer (Wein-Design)


Company: sensoom GmbH
Country: Deutschland
booth: B11

       Nr.       Erfindung / Erfinder  

  • 357    The odor neutralizing toilet seat, Dr. Michael Hertrampf

Company: Steinbeis-Transferzentrum Infothek
Country: GERMANY
Stand: A10

      Nr.     Erfindung / Erfinder

  • 358    Arrangement for bathroom accessories - toilet paper holder and towel racks, Stefan Steiner, Frank Steiner (F&S Metallverarbeitung GmbH & Co. KG
  • 359    Docking station / laptop for smartphones, Özgür Bagdatlioglu (Oz Smart Workplace Hamburg UG)
  • 360    Removal of viruses, bacteria, dusts and odors from ambient/room air, Dr. Klaus Heide (MEDIZINPRODUKTE DR. HEIDE UG  (HAFTUNGSBESCHRÄNKT))
  • 361    Bicycle handlebar - move in motion, Dipl.-Ing.  Josef Diersen
  • 362    Gripping device for kitchen applications, Reiner Jocher (Wissen aus Erfahrung)
  • 363    Barbecue tools, Reiner Jocher (Wissen aus Erfahrung)
  • 365    Safety and anti-theft alarm systems for devices, especially thermal heat pumps, Wolfgang Müller (SINPRO GmbH)
  • 366    Door lettering - different several times, Egon Kupferschmid
  • 367    Hydrogen-solid-state battery (hydrogen-solid-state removable storage device) and H2 engine, Reinhard Wollherr (E.M.I. GmbH (H2 Energy GmbH))  
  • 368    Advertising medium for vehicles and trailers, Thomas Fischer (Thomas Fischer Fahrzeugbau)

Company: Université de Strasbourg
Country: FRANCE
booth: D27

       Nr.     Erfindung / Erfinder  

  • 427    Gerät mit aktiver (Signal-) Quelle durch den Phasenübergang von flüssigem CO2 und seine Anwendung, Longjun DONG, Daoyuan SUN,Weiwei SHU

Company: W.E.T.E.R.
booth: C10a

        No.     Invention / Inventor

  • 452    Electricity generating building, Denis Tiaglin

Company: Zhang, Shujun
booth: D25

          No.     Invention / Inventor

  • 489     Apparatus for separating particles from aq particulate szspension, Shujun Zhang 
  • 490     Magnetic drum separator, Shujun Zhang