iENA New Products show 2023

from October 26, 2023

Below we present a "nano" cross-section of the more than 500 "Ideas - Inventions - New Products" at this year's international trade fair iENA 2023.

The following inventions from Germany were presented to media representatives at the "Novelties Presentation" after the iENA 2023 press conference in Nuremberg on October 26.

Printable images of these innovations can be found here.

Let us inspire you!

Agricultural machine with a conveyor for automatically separating metallic fragments in animal feed during the harvesting or feeding process.

Bernd Knospe, Fürth, Germany

A development that can remove metallic foreign bodies (littering) from animal feed and counteract the problem of contamination of animal feed by garbage. This has a positive impact on the standard of husbandry and the entire downstream production chain of dairy and meat products, increasing animal welfare, efficiency and sustainability.

Parquet and interior from used barrique barrels

Peter Scheuerer (Wein-Design), Eschelbach, Germany 

With parquet, made from the wood of wine barrels of selected vintages that are no longer usable for classic wine aging, the soul of wine is given a new home. A scarce raw material and valuable natural product thus finds a sustainable upcycling.

Removal of viruses, bacteria, dusts and odors from indoor air

Dr. Klaus Heide, Tuebingen, Germany

Steinbeis-Transferzentrum Infothek

The mobile sound absorber in combination with the the UV-C disinfection system brings a quiet and healthy atmosphere in the office, living room and children's room.

  • Organic dyes, color-fast for life!
  • 140,000 microfine perforated channels per sqm
  • Absorber class A / very highly absorbent
  • Sound absorption coefficient αw: 0.90...1.0
  • Made of wood from domestic forests FSC® cert!
  • UV-C disinfection technology
  • Cleans silently
  • Rechargeable, battery operated
  • Tested and certified
  • Viruses, bacteria, spores, molds

Security and anti-theft alarm systems for equipment , especially heat pumps  

Wolfgang Müller, SINPRO GmbH, Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany

Steinbeis-Transferzentrum Infothek    

Heat pumps have an outdoor and an indoor unit. The outdoor modules are vulnerable to theft theft; they are only insured to a limited extent. To prevent theft a component was developed: the "wachgans". The wachgans contains:

  • Tilt sensor - change in position is detected
  • Warning indicator - preventing theft is optimal
  • Tamper-proof design - theft is is made more difficult
  • Self-power supply - self-sufficient energy management
  • Monitoring app - warning is reported
  • GPS tracker - device tracking if necessary

Door lettering - several times different

Egon Kupferschmid, Spaichingen, Germany

Steinbeis-Transferzentrum Infothek

Doors, whether they are entrance doors to houses, apartments or room door, often have an individual character. This includes, among other things, a marking, e.g. with family name or room function. In offices the working persons are named. Vario-Markt offers:

  • Individual labeling
  • Personal design
  • Reusable application
  • Non-destructive application
  • Easy mounting
  • Attach to different sides
  • Flexible height
  • Combining several signs

Bicycle handlebars - move in motion

Dipl.-Ing. Josef Diersen, Visbek, Germany

Steinbeis Transfer Center Infothek    

Adjust the optimal handlebar position while riding adjust!
Comfort increased: The handlebar position influences the posture of the body. The ideal seating position is adjusted to the desired speed, the terrain or the weather conditions.
Increased riding enjoyment: Muscles and joints are muscles and joints are relieved; tension is reduced, longer distances are mastered effortlessly.
Assembly simplified: cables and wires remain untouched; an e-bike center console can be installed.
Variants designed:
- Standard version with hand wheel.
- Spring-loaded versions for damping handlebar shocks.
- Models with electric motor drive.

Bath holder for everyday life - For people with disabilities 

Noel Mang (Youth Inventor, 17 years), Aalen, Germany

Artur Fischer Inventor Award    

The bath holder makes it easier for people with physical disabilities to open tubes and bottles containing liquids, ointments or pastes. The lid is held in place by the clamp in the upper, vertical "M". Toothpaste can now be applied to the toothbrush with one hand. toothbrush. With the size-adjustable horizontal "M" it is also possible to open containers with large diameters can also be opened.

2-wheel loader    

Jonas Heinzler, Sauldorf-Boll, Germany

Artur Fischer Inventor Award    

Robotics for construction and agricultural machinery: The self-balancing 2-wheel loader offers perfect balance between payload and deadweight to ensure overhead loads and reduce floor loading. Up to 40 percent less energy consumption due to low weight. 360-degree maneuverability for precision in the tightest spaces. Compact and loadable.


Andreas Männel, Stuttgart, Germany

Artur Fischer Inventor Award    

Save time when laying cables! With the MULTIKAPPE you can install cables in up to 80% faster than with conventional pulling aids. No matter whether power, LAN or KOAX cables - one handle is enough for efficient laying, even several cables at the same time.

Additive manufacturing - Proto typ "Modular electric car"       

Ignacy Lenik (16 years), Benjamin Fuchs (18 years), Justin Fischer (18 years)
Supervisor Franz Brünner

Student Research Center South Württemberg (SFZ)    
Schülerforschungszentrum Südwürttemberg (SFZ)    


A modular concept for the construction of electric cars, which can reasonably extend platform solutions.

Photovoltaics on fire!  

Stefanie Eski (17 years), Babett Ludwig (17 years), Florian Brütsch (17 years)

South Württemberg Student Research Center (SFZ)
Schülerforschungszentrum Südwürttemberg (SFZ)    

A patented software-electronics solution for increasing the performance of solar systems.

Confirmation of the rotation of the Milky Way using data from the Arno Penzias radio telescope

Patricia Oerter (17 years), Nuremberg, Germany

VDI Student Research Center 
Richard Willstätter High School Nuremberg    
Richard Willstätter Gymnasium Nürnberg    

Confirmation of the rotation of the Milky Way using data from the Arno Penzias radio telescope        

Program for testing Solitaire end positions for their practical feasibility  

Isabelle Tolkien (16 years), Nuremberg, Germany

VDI Student Research Center 
Richard Willstätter High School Nuremberg 
Richard Willstätter Gymnasium Nürnberg    

Program for testing Solitaire end positions for their practical feasibility        

Upcycling natural rubber as an insulating material

Katharina Leuthner (15 years)

South Württemberg Student Research Center (SFZ)    
Schülerforschungszentrum Südwürttemberg (SFZ)    

This insulation is produced by processing discarded rubber mattresses into granulate, which is then bonded with a biological adhesive component. This creates a mass that can be shaped in many ways.
Applications are, in loose form, blow-in and bulk insulation, in fixed form, among others, pipe insulation. In comparison with insulation materials already on the market, both variants show good thermal insulation properties.
The U-value of this insulation for a 2 cm insulation layer is 0.8135 W/(K*qm).

Sustainable composite material  

Greta Banzhaf (15  years)

South Württemberg Student Research Center (SFZ)    
Schülerforschungszentrum Südwürttemberg (SFZ)  


This insulation board is made of either cellulose from paper production or wood dust residues from wood processing together with caseins from milk processing and a hydrogen carbonate.
The application area is the insulation of house walls. For this purpose, the insulation boards can simply be screwed together. 
Their U-value for a board thickness of 2cm is 0.4567 W/(K*qm).

E-bike maintenance and care stand

fritzbikeparts e.K., Friedrich Löffler

Maintenance and care stand for e-bikes (and all other types of bikes) with lifting device. Convenient e-bike care without tedious lifting and screwing, because 
effortlessly and in a flash, the e-bike with freely movable rear wheel is ready for washing, care and repair.
Simple principle, but cleverly and surprisingly implemented:

Reverse, let both support arms swing in simultaneously by foot release, and lower the bike onto the support arms by lever. 
Extend: Lift the e-bike slightly using the lever. Swing out both support arms simultaneously with automatic lock and extend.
This fritzbikestand is suitable for wheel sizes from 26 to 29 inches. All materials are very high quality, waterproof and rustproof: stainless steel, aluminum and screen printing plates. Weight: > 4 kg

IRONY Ironing Board   

Alexander Welitschko 
VON WEGEN Kommunikationsagentur  

What if an ironing board is more than just an ironing board? How often do you iron? And what does the ironing board do the rest of the time? Every time you open the door, it falls down in the storeroom? IRONY is the ironing board to look at and proudly present - not to hide.


PowerGrid organisation system  

Alexander Welitschko 
VON WEGEN Kommunikationsagentur    

What if tidying up was really fun? Goodbye to chaos. The magnetic organisation system "Powergrid" will take your world by storm! Whether it's a tangle of cables or a search for keys. Whether in the workshop, in the kitchen or at the workplace.

Coatsy bicycle saddle rain cover

Alexander Welitschko     
VON WEGEN Kommunikationsagentur  

What if a bicycle saddle was always dry? Stolen, lost, forgotten at home - Coatsy forever changes the fate of a rain cover. Elegantly hidden and with a flick of the wrist for a dry bum in rainy weather.


Bloomaer pot holder for windowsills    

Alexander Welitschko 
VON WEGEN Kommunikationsagentur    

What if you never had to put away your flower pots to open the window again? Bloomaer is the ingenious pot holder system that makes it possible to swing the pots aside with a handle. But the real highlight is that it looks incredibly sexy while doing so.

FameFrame Artful Glasses Holder 

Alexander Welitschko 
VON WEGEN Kommunikationsagentur    

What if your own glasses were art? FameFrame is the charming way to store your glasses when you're not wearing them. Botticelli, Einstein or Vermeer - your own glasses have never looked better. Except on yourself, of course!