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The most important international Trade Show for "Ideas - Inventions - New Products"

What do inline-skates, wheeledsuitcases and folding bicycles have in common? They were presented at the iENA and discovered for the market. Since its implementation in 1948 more than 30,000 inventions were presented to the public within the scope of the specialized fair iENA.

A visit to the international leading trade fair for inventing, the iENA promises the direct contact with innovative thinkers and inventors from around the globe. At the iENA you will have the chance to obtain information about novelities and inventions across all sectors of the industry. Here you can find solutions for almost all problems or questions.

For 70% of the trade visitors from 40 countries (2019), the iENA is the only event which they attend to keep themselves abreast of innovations and inventions.

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