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The most important international Trade Show for "Ideas - Inventions - New Products"

What do the retractable dog leash, water wings and the folding bicycle have in common? They were all first presented at the iENA - International Trade Fair "Ideas - Inventions - Novelties" - in Nuremberg before they started their triumphal procession on the market.

And these are just a few examples of successful products that were presented at the iENA. In the

75-year history of the iENA

, there is a long list of inventions that started there, including high-tech innovations. Freelance inventors and international associations of inventors as well as companies, craft businesses, universities and research institutions use the iENA to network with like-minded people and as a platform for marketing.

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Facts & Figures, Contact - Information about the iENA 2024 will be available here soon.

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